How donations bring a non-profit clinic’s specialty programs to life

Donations are a critical source of support for nonprofit organizations, which rely on donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other sources to carry out their mission and programs. At Reach for the Top Therapy, the only therapy clinic in the Dover, NH, area offering interdisciplinary trauma-informed and neurodiverse-affirming therapies through a family-centered model, donations are the driving force behind supporting specialty programs for enriched care. 

Last year, Reach received close to $200,000 in grants and donations. These funds helped the organization exceed its goals, increasing the number of children and families served to more than 600 and expanding specialty services to 15 programs. One of the biggest achievements directly resulting from donations is a new multi-sensory room for Autistic and neurodivergent children that aligns with the shift from traditional therapy models to ones that accept and advocate for those with disabilities, that are shaped by the voices and experiences of Autistic adults and children and anyone with sensory processing challenges: 

“We are committed to adapting to the needs of those we serve and doing so in a way that accepts and respects their needs.  With this in mind, we designed a calming space-themed sensory room where children feel comfortable and safe. It is designed for sensory play and equipped with lights, sounds, mirrors, crash pad pillows, fidgets, toys, and a rock wall to help with assessing and meeting each child’s individual needs for regulation. As a complement, we also created a visual space where children have access to assessments and functional vision training to help them strengthen their vision, due to current estimates that over 40% of neurodivergent children have an underlying vision disorder that’s not diagnosed or treated.  With over 80% of what we learn comes through vision, this is a critical need we are prepared to meet at Reach” – Amy Rich Crane, Executive Director

A generous grant of $132,000 allowed the organization to facilitate continuing education for therapists, and to focus on fully developing a workplace culture where everyone can thrive. The investment of funds into therapeutic skill development, hiring, and training ensures that children can continue to get the high-quality, advanced, and specialized care they deserve. Following organizational improvements and staffing changes in the summer of 2022, Reach’s full-time therapist retention rate has steadily remained at 100% with a team that is working together, engaged, and empowered to make big things happen at Reach, including their own growth. The commitment to hiring and supporting the right team members also makes a positive impact on the children and families served who develop strong therapeutic relationships with their therapy team. 

Donations help Reach fulfill its Neurodiverse Affirming Mission

In 2023 Reach looks to expand its fundraising efforts led by the Executive Director, the Board of Directors, and the Development and Fundraising Coordinator, Katie McGrath, who is responsible for drafting grant applications and developing fundraising activities. Although a significant portion of Reachs operational expenses is covered by appointments and insurance payments, what allows the organization to deliver on its mission is the additional donations and support received from donors and grants: 

“Without the additional financial support from donors, further development of specialty programs, parent support groups, and continuing education for therapists wouldn’t be possible. Initiatives like our Giving Tuesday campaign, social media appeals, our annual fundraising event in the summer, and other events are very important to us.” – Katie McGrath, Development and Fundraising Coordinator 

All the accomplishments and work behind the scenes are done toward the same objective: that children with exceptional needs thrive when their families are empowered and their strengths are valued!

Get involved and help Reach continue to expand and thrive

There are several ways you and the community can help Reach expand its network of donors. The first is donating to fundraising initiatives taking place throughout the year. And if you can’t contribute, raising awareness and sharing the campaigns are also a great form of support. Below are some of Reach’s fundraising activities planned for 2023: 

As we enter the new season, Reach seeks to get the community involved in its Amazon Wishlist. This is a simple way to have a proven impact, as any individual can purchase the materials the organization needs for its daily therapy sessions. These can range from toys to stickers, to coloring supplies, or materials for sensory activities. 

NH Gives is a 24-hour statewide online fundraising event, initiated by the NH Center for Nonprofits, designed to “build community and connect donors with local nonprofits.” Reach is currently looking for corporate sponsors to match donor dollars, to increase the impact of every donor dollar given.

  • First Annual Reach Art Auction – August (more details to come)

The First Annual Reach Art Auction will highlight art created by children with disabilities during their therapy sessions with their therapists and family. Not only does this provide a platform to spread awareness of what is being done at Reach through play-based work, but also engages children in a fun skill-building activity, bolstering their confidence.  Reach has also begun receiving pieces of art, donated by local artists for the auction, which is another way the community can contribute.  Contact the Reach team if you are interested in donating a piece of original artwork to be auctioned!

What we can do together

It’s becoming harder and harder to grow in the current economy. Reach has been met with increasing costs of rent and utilities, nationwide hiring shortages, and decreased attendance rates in pediatrics due to atypical and ongoing illness seasons (super-bugs, Flu, RSV, COVID-19), paired with the onslaught of New England snowstorms this year.  So, Reach is making a big strategic transition away from primarily insurance-based revenues to a combined approach based on philanthropy, by developing partnerships with donors that care for the well-being of children and families.  Grants, donor partnerships, and fundraising will provide the increased support Reach needs, so they can continue to grow the opportunities available to the community, continue to hire exceptional therapy professionals, and always be able to provide that one-on-one enriched family-centered care they’re committed to.  Donor support plays a pivotal role in improving the quality of services, specialty programs, and initiatives at Reach. When you partner with Reach for the Top Therapy Services, you give more than money, you give incredible opportunities that help children with exceptional needs thrive within our community.

Join Reach on the mission to help children and families with exceptional needs: Click here to donate today.

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