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Located in Dover New Hampshire, Reach For the Top is a family-centered outpatient pediatric therapy program serving children birth through adolescence. 

Reach for the Top Therapy has a strong commitment to family-centered services and programs. Our goal is to ensure the developmental, learning, sensory, behavior and support needs of children and families are met.

Our mission is to children and their families on their unique journey!

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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists provide support to children to help them gain strength, coordination, balance and movement skills to participate in all lifes’ activities. We provide innovative approaches including manual therapy, gross motor skills and therapeautic horseback riding.

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Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists provide intensive support to help develop and enhance their self-help skills and independence. We provide play-based support around fine motor development, sensory processing, visual motor activities of daily living. We are dedicated to providing the supports that are needed for children to learn the necessary skills that support their overall growth and development and help them gain more self-confidence.

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Speech Therapy

Our speech-language pathologists support children through all forms of communication both receptive and expressive. We provide comprehensive Augmentative and Alternative communication (AAC) evaluations and services. We foster each child’s learning and cognition to provide opportunities to enhance pragmatic language skills and support the development of social skills.  

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Feeding Therapy

Oral motor therapy provides the necessary skills for successful feeding and swallowing development. These skills include: sensory awareness, strength, coordination, movement and endurance of the lips, cheeks, tongue and jaw muscles. Feeding and swallowing therapy works on making sure children are safe with all foods and liquids to ensure safety, success, good nutrition and enjoyment in feeding.


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Other Services

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Reach has a wide array of services to provide for your child’s comprehensive needs and experiences.  


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Your First Visit

Social stories help children understand events before they happen, so they can be prepared.

(Hint: They are great for adults too!)

New places can be scary, no matter how hard we try. This can cause children to feel anxious about their visit.  Click the button below so you and your child will know what to expect. This will help curb some of those anxious feelings before and during their time with us.

We’ve created a whole page for you, so you and your child both know what is expected!